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Recognizing & Relating to Four Behavioral Styles
You've heard it said a thousand times - it's all about relationships! And yet, many people are mystified about what it takes to build healthy relationships with others. Rich’s coaching utilizes the DISC Model of Behavioral Styles to give you and your staff the knowhow needed to build better relationships and achieve greater results with others.

​The DISC Model of Behavioral Styles has become one of the most widely used assessment and training tools in America. The acronym DISC stands for Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious styles. Like other important tools, including Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and the Kolbe A Index, DISC has its own unique place in helping to develop skills for communication and cooperation between your employees and with your clients, customers or public.

Coaching participants are asked to complete an online DISC assessment prior to working with Rich. The mini-assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides the participant with a six page report of his or her style with recommendations for ways to use strengths, overcome weaknesses and expand one’s communication capacity. Rich Drinon is a certified DISC instructor.

Rich can provide you and your team a workshop on understanding and using the DISC information. Workshops are offered on-site in some locations, or by conference call or videoconference.
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This high impact video training program includes short instructional segments followed by group questions, dialog, thinking and planning time. Identify key areas for improvement and create a final action plan for your next professional development steps. Invaluable advice on Leadership.
This comprehensive 10-module video series focuses on the four key leadership competencies of building relationships, achieving results, navigating change and making decisions. This training program helps you understand the challenges of both leader and follower behavioral styles in relation to workplace activities, while examining important aspects of credibility, communication and competence.
Rich’s blog covers a wide variety of Leadership Communication topics on cultivating relationships, building credibility and trust, achieving results through others, using persuasion to promote change, facilitating problem solving and decision making, leading groups and making great presentations and staying relevant. A great source for Leadership coaching and training.