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History and evolution suggest the most important skill an effective leader possesses is his or her verbal ability. More specifically, leadership depends on your ability to influence others to follow and collaborate in pursuit of a worthwhile objective. Rich Drinon’s leadership communication skills coaching can help you formulate strategies, approaches and techniques for building stronger relationships, leading change and achieving better results with employees, members, followers or other constituents.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Executive & Management Team Coaching 

Leadership Coaching draws new ideas, goals and commitment to action from individuals through the coach’s facilitation of questions, answers, brainstorming and exercises with the participant. The participant is responsible for the work of setting priorities, thinking and acting. The coach’s role is bringing out the best in the participant through means that support learning and accountability and guide the participant toward his or her goal.
If you can’t communicate, how can you lead?! Group leadership coaching programs include dialog, facilitation and demonstration exercises to help participants improve leadership communication in the important areas of building relationships, achieving results through others, leading change and facilitating decisions.

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This high impact video training program includes short instructional segments followed by group questions, dialog, thinking and planning time. Identify key areas for improvement and create a final action plan for your next professional development steps. Invaluable advice on Leadership.
This comprehensive 10-module video series focuses on the four key leadership competencies of building relationships, achieving results, navigating change and making decisions. This training program helps you understand the challenges of both leader and follower behavioral styles in relation to workplace activities, while examining important aspects of credibility, communication and competence.
Rich’s blog covers a wide variety of Leadership Communication topics on cultivating relationships, building credibility and trust, achieving results through others, using persuasion to promote change, facilitating problem solving and decision making, leading groups and making great presentations and staying relevant. A great source for Leadership coaching and training.