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Cheryl Creviston, President & CEO
"I found Rich’s executive communication coaching valuable. Although I serve as President & CEO, and have developed my communication skills through several years as a business professional, Rich helped me learn new approaches and techniques to use in difficult situations with challenging people."

- Cheryl Creviston, President & CEO, Stacks
 Phil Diestelkamp, Project Manager
“We have asked Rich to help our management staff with leadership communication on a couple of occasions. Both times we saw positive results from our participants. After the past group worked with Rich, he suggested that I might benefit from some coaching as well. I was a little reluctant but decided to give it a try. Our meetings were very casual, they seemed like conversations between a couple of business associates or friends. During those conversations the coaching, or advice he offered reflected very subtle changes, and they were easy to begin implementing. The coaching Rich provided has been invaluable. I am better equipped to deal with confrontational situations, and have an added confidence when speaking to groups. The skills I have gained are useful professionally, in my civic organizations and at home. I wish this is something that I had done sooner.”

- Phil Diestelkamp, Project Manager, Bayer Construction Company 
 Mary Beth Retke, Vice President 
"My life would not be the same without Rich coaching me over the past year. He has guided me through a number of job growths and challenges, helping me stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties. The higher I have risen in my organization, the more I've found how important it is to have someone to talk to on the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement. He not only helped one-on-one, but supplied a group coaching with all staff, which has brought much encouragement of the team building each company needs. I will and would recommend his coaching to all companies and individuals striving to reach the top."

- Mary Beth Retke, Vice President, WCW Property Management. 
 Mike Nickel, M.B.A 
"Rich’s coaching was invaluable to me at a time of significant transition in my business. With Rich’s guidance I was able to implement some difficult changes and emerged much better for it. Rich’s extensive experience made him an excellent sounding board and exposed me to opportunities I would never have considered on my own. I would highly recommend Rich Drinon to anyone wanting to take themselves and their business to the next level."

- Mike Nickel, Former Owner-Advantage Print Source
 Jim Davidson, Senior Vice President, Operations​
"Rich conducts GREAT classes, stays flexible to the needs of his clients' businesses, and most importantly produces results. I have used him in two companies now, and would do so again."

- Jim Davidson, Senior Vice President, Operations, ViON Corporation   ​​
  Mark LeNeave, Healthcare Executive (CEO) 
"I engaged Rich to facilitate several strategic planning retreats for my organization. Rich did a great job. He was fair and encouraged participation from all group members. Most impressive was that Rich took the time to research our core business, so that our feedback during the retreat made sense to him as facilitator. His deliverable was an easy to follow set of action steps that lead our organization from its current state to its desired future state. I highly recommend Rich to any organization that is conducting strategic planning or leadership development initiatives."

- Mark LeNeave, Healthcare Executive 
  Dan Welch, H.R. Director​
“Rich is an innovative and creative business consultant that has provided outstanding executive level training to BRB Contractors, Inc. BRB Contractors is a heavy construction general contractor with $75-100 Million in revenue per year. Rich has taken our key executives through a series of classes and practical applications. His training has given our key personnel and future leaders the necessary management tools and techniques allowing them to increase their span of control and most importantly increase our Company's profitability.”

- Dan Welch, H.R. Director, BRB Contractors  
 Kevin Ryan, Federal Account Manager
“Rich created a safe on-camera space for us to be coached and critiqued while providing great tips on how to improve our presentation skills. Even though you may feel you are seasoned presenter, there is always room for improvement. Rich’s feedback and training was outstanding.”

- Kevin Ryan, Federal Account Manager, ViON Corporation

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This high impact video training program includes short instructional segments followed by group questions, dialog, thinking and planning time. Identify key areas for improvement and create a final action plan for your next professional development steps. Invaluable advice on Leadership.
This comprehensive 10-module video series focuses on the four key leadership competencies of building relationships, achieving results, navigating change and making decisions. This training program helps you understand the challenges of both leader and follower behavioral styles in relation to workplace activities, while examining important aspects of credibility, communication and competence.
Rich’s blog covers a wide variety of Leadership Communication topics on cultivating relationships, building credibility and trust, achieving results through others, using persuasion to promote change, facilitating problem solving and decision making, leading groups and making great presentations and staying relevant. A great source for Leadership coaching and training.